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Parlor Games when there was nothing else to do!

Social Distancing is the new norm in America and other parts of the world right now. As we all work together to keep safe and healthy we may be finding ourselves looking for things to do with the family. Believe or not you can get tired of binge watching all your favorite shows when that is all you have been doing for weeks! Lets take a journey back in time to see what kept our ancestors entertained.

Games have always been an important part of life for many cultures, dating back thousands of years. The Egyptians played games. We know this because those games have been found in ancient tombs. Some of them have actually evolved into games that we play today. Ancient Egyptians played floor hockey, boxing, archery, handball, tug of war; they ran marathons and pursued equestrian sports. Board games were used for relaxation after a long day's work and were often found placed in graves and tombs. Egyptian children played versions of hopscotch and leap frog.

The ancient Egyptians played Aseb on one side of this box and Senet on the other side. Look closely at the picture and you can see some knuckle bones. The ancient Egyptians would use these as dice. Egyptian tombs and temple paintings are full of depictions of everyday life that included the playing of games.

The Romans were also big game players. Roman soldiers would wile away the time by playing games of dice, almost exclusively played for wagering. Children played a form of jacks that was called Knuckle-bones. The Romans invented Checkers. Archaeologists still find the grids scratched onto the floor tiles of excavated villas, guard houses, and homes in what was once the Roman Empire. Do you like Marbles? Thank the Romans, children would play with small baked clay balls or if you were wealthy with small balls of marble...hence the name!