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Welcome to Rocking Horse Toys and games, your one stop shop for all your toys and games. Our shop is filled with quality reproduction, Vintage and Antique toys that will take you back to the days when childhood was simpler. Come on in and browse for that toy you just had to have as a kid, we might just have it! So let's go PLAY!

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The Story of Rocking Horse Toys

Toys that last a lifetime

Rocking Horse Toys and Games came to be because of my love of old toys and games. I have always collected things that were old. Starting with a 1890's china doll when I was about 10. It was a Christmas gift from my grandparents. From there it continued to be old toys, even older clothing and hats and assorted other things "Old or Antique". 

About 15 years ago I was asked to do a school program on Victorian Children's toys. I had quite a few original toys, but you cant let kids play with them. I decided I would use my youngest son's reproduction toys. He was 3 and really did not mind. From there I was on a quest to do more research, I am good at that; I have a BA in History! I began to acquire more toys both old and new. I was asked back every year to do my program, it turns out my station was the most popular. Possible because

I let the kids play with the toys I was talking to them about. After a few years parents and teachers began to ask me "where can I get these wonderful toys you have?' I would give them a website, but I knew they probably did not go and order any. So... I began ordering the toys and making them available. This in turn led to me creating a web store that not only had the much loved reproduction toys, but allowed me to cull my own collection a bit and add some wonderful finds. 

So come on in and browse around. I add new things as I find them or create them. You will always find the highest quality reproductions and hard to find vintage and antique toys! Come and play awhile!

Welcome to Rocking Horse Toys & Games

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